Tim Lloyd, English National, Living and Working in Scotland

Hello I’m Tim. I moved from England to the Highlands to work at LifeScan. Great job - and the quality of life and surroundings are exceptional. My family and I have never been happier.

Tim Lloyd LifeScan

Why work in Scotland?

I have now been with LifeScan for eleven years. Prior to joining LifeScan in 2010, I was in the automotive industry for 19 years, based in the Midlands. I loved it and wasn’t looking for a new job but the LifeScan role jumped off the page at me. It sounded too interesting to pass up. And the skills I gained in my previous career transferred to this new role.

My family and I love the outdoor life and we’d been on holiday many times in Scotland and loved it.

Tim Lloyd Stac Pollaidh

LifeScan flew me up for an interview, and then flew my family up to spend a weekend in Inverness with a tour guide. It was great to be able to get a first-hand sense of the place and discover how wonderful everything was.

Working at LifeScan

I work within BGM Devices Engineering department for LifeScan. The role requires extensive team-working and collaboration skills because I work across many internal LifeScan groups as well as interacting with external suppliers and partners on a global basis.

My job requires some international travel which adds to the interest of the role. I am now manager of a team responsible for the Research & Development of BGM Devices as well as all Technical Support for the Devices the supply chain, including the manufacturing in China.

My background is in electronics engineering. For this job you need a good grounding on all electronic engineering principles and a reasonable grounding in basic physics principles as well.

But it’s not all about the technical stuff. I get to put my people skills to use because I manage a team and deal with design partners and suppliers in other countries – so I’m not just an electronics geek sitting in the corner.

Living in Scotland

The quality of life and space in the Highlands is the main selling point. It’s a big difference from when we lived in England and would occasionally go to the seaside when we had a spare weekend. Now we actually live by the sea!

Tim Lloyd Stac Pollaidh image

We’ve been able to get involved in our local community and have joined the local sailing club. The children all gained sailing qualifications through the local sailing club while living here and are now instructors, sail in national competitions and overseas. This is one of the benefits of living on the coast.

There are no stressful commutes because I cycle to work along nice country roads. We even have a garden big enough to keep chickens.

As a parent, another major plus about living in Scotland is that the universities are free here. All three children studied courses at Scottish universities and are now successful in their careers.

The whole family enjoys living near the mountains, skiing in the winter, walking and cycling in the summer. We enjoy the watersports (sailing, rowing in St Ayles skiffs and kayaking), living at the coast. We even get to see the Northern Lights from our back garden!

What’s not to love? We’re living the good life in exceptionally beautiful surroundings.

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