Tina Liu, Chinese National, Living and Working in Scotland

Nǐ hǎo, my name is Tina! I came to Scotland in 2015 to study. I’ve stayed here after completing my studies and now work as a Business Development Manager for South & East Asia at Ireland Alloys.

Tina Liu

Why work in Scotland

I like the good work / life balance in Scotland.

On weekdays I work hard but at the weekend I can spend more time on my hobbies or meeting friends and family.

Working at Ireland Alloys

I’ve been working for Ireland Alloys since 2016 just after I finished my Masters’ degree at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

I work on developing Ireland Alloys’ business in South East Asia, especially in China. I have lots of opportunities to network and meet new people from within industry and outwith.

It's great to meet new people from different background and to gain different insights.

I’ve also had quite a few opportunities to travel to China and other Asian countries with my Scottish colleagues each year which has been interesting to see the differences in culture and business approach. The trips have helped us strengthen our relationships with our Asian partners.

From day one, I have felt very supported by my colleagues who were happy to offer help and I have learnt a lot.

Living in Scotland

Before moving to Scotland, I had never been abroad before and I heard a lot about the weather here. After living here for 5 years I now understand why! Despite the weather being challenging at times it can be really nice as well; particularly in summer.

The food here was also a challenge for me to start with. I can’t get used to eating cold sandwiches and chips! I now know where to get food that’s right for me though and I’ve also started to enjoy local foods like fresh coffee, good quality salmon, beef, steak pie, lamb shank stew, haggis, cheese, whisky and gin etc.

I like going to the gym and practicing boxing where I have also made some good friends who are supportive. There are a wide choice of gyms to choose from.

I’m also a big nature lover, so quite often at the weekend my partner and I just pack our bags to go hiking and camping in the beautiful highland forests.

There are also lots of other good things to discover in Scotland with lots of Scottish islands to visit. I like Oban for its sea food. There are lots of whisky and gin distilleries to visit as well!

I’d recommend Scotland to others. It has the best nature and landscape to explore. It has local and fresh food, including Whisky and Gin, and most importantly the people are friendly and welcoming! It’s easy to be accepted here, to make friends and to feel at home.

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