Todor Goranov, Bulgarian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Zdraveyte! I’m Todor. I moved from Bulgaria to Scotland to work as an iOS developer for J.P. Morgan. Not only do I have a challenging role in a great company, but I get to spend my weekends fishing and exploring Scotland with my family.

Todor Goranov and family

After several years in the software engineering sector in his home city of Sofia, Bulgarian Todor Goranov decided it was time for a new challenge – and the offer of a new job as a iOS Developer at J.P. Morgan in Glasgow was just the opportunity he had been waiting for.

Moving to Scotland

I graduated in computer sciences at the Technical University in Sofia in 2007 and had been working in software engineering for a number of companies, developing applications mainly for US customers. In my last job I was a team leader developing iOS software for binary options trading - so I was delighted when the J.P. Morgan job in Scotland came up.

I believe that J.P.Morgan is one of the best companies to work for in my area of software and it would provide a great challenge for me professionally... but personally it was a hard decision to move as I had a wife and nine-month-old baby, and all our family and friends are in Sofia.

But I said to myself, "OK, I will go for it" and I've been very happy I took the decision to move to Scotland.

Working in Scotland

I work as a software engineer in a team working on the development of an iOS FX trading platform for foreign exchange. It's very challenging in many aspects - the high level of security involved, its complexity in terms of business logic and the quality of its source code.

We are making code reviews for every specific task and running unit tests to ensure the platform works reliably. The whole project is great opportunity for me to work with such highly experienced and professional colleagues.

Living in Scotland

I'm a big fan of fishing and I quickly made friends with some other local fishermen, so I try and go fishing once or twice a week.

Otherwise, I relax by spending time with my family, either exploring other parts of Glasgow or visiting other places in Scotland at the weekend. You can even do things after work in the summer as it is so light late into the evenings.

My wife is also making friends in the local area with other mothers who meet in the nearby parks, churches and even libraries where they have events for children.