Ugonna Mbaezue, Nigerian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Sannu! I’m Ugo. I moved from Nigeria after my father recommended the University of Strathclyde to further my studies in engineering. I then found my perfect role with Turnbull and Scott Ltd and i am enjoying all the sports and hiking on offer in Scotland.

Ugonna Mbaezue

Quality and Engineering Manager Ugonna Mbaezue came to the UK to study for his Masters degree before getting a great opportunity to move from academia into a ‘fast-paced’ industry role in the scenic Scottish Borders.

Why work in Scotland

I’m from Nigeria originally and moved to Scotland to study for my Masters Degree in Power Plant Technologies at the University of Strathclyde. My father went to the University of Sheffield and he recommended Strathclyde as he knew it was a good university.

When I graduated, the university offered me the role of Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate. As part of the job I worked with Turnbull & Scott (Engineers) Ltd a lot. When the project finished, the company offered me the position of Quality and Engineering Manager to address the gaps they had around quality and design.

It was an area that I liked working in and wanted to continue to learn more about, so I decided to stay to take the next step in my career.

Working at Turnbull & Scott Ltd

The role at Turnbull & Scott is an extension of what the university and I had been doing for them. We had designed heating software and much of my job involves using the same tool, as well as things like quality management, and health and safety.

It’s been a great experience as the company is very aligned with what I want to do. It was a bit strange at first coming from an academic environment as everything was suddenly very fast-paced but it’s been really helpful and you quickly learn to work as part of a team. I’ve now got practical experience as well as academic knowledge.

I moved down to Hawick, which is a town in the Scottish Borders. My colleagues were really friendly and helped me integrate into the community by inviting me along to play football or go to the pub. I’m also able to use the company car if I need it, which is really helpful in the Borders.

Living in Scotland

Scotland is a brilliant place – there is loads to do and you will never be bored. I play basketball for Hawick and do lots of kickboxing. I also go to watch the local rugby team at the weekend and enjoy hiking around the Borders.

Hawick is quite a rural place but there’s lots to do if you get involved in the community. Scottish people are really good people – they are friendly and very accommodating. I’ve even found speciality food shops where I can get the food I miss from home!