Vittorio Borromeo, Italian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Ciao! I’m Vittorio. I moved from Italy to Scotland to work at Quotient. It’s been an interesting change from my old job. A great country, friendly people – we feel totally at home. My wife and I may never leave.

Vittorio Borromeo

Biomedical engineering graduate Vittorio Borromea first came to Scotland to improve his English when he was a student. He liked it so much that a few years later he returned after finding a job with Quotient on the TalentScotland website. He’s now enjoying life in Edinburgh with his wife.

Why work in Scotland?

I was born, grew up and went to university in Italy. And after I graduated from the University of Bologna in biomedical engineering, I started working for an orthopaedic medical device company in Italy.

But the few months that I’d previously spent in Edinburgh really impressed me – I liked the people and the city. I also had the opportunity to visit the Highlands, which was also really enjoyable. So after working for a while in Italy, I wanted a new experience in a new country. I was really happy when I found the job in Edinburgh on the TalentScotland website.

Working at Quotient

At Quotient I’m a Regulatory Affairs Manager. I’m responsible for obtaining the European Conformity (CE) mark, US product licenses and all other international registrations necessary for products. Quotient is an in vitro diagnostics manufacturer and it’s been an interesting change from my previous experience.

Living in Scotland

Working and living in Edinburgh is great – it’s a nice city, not too big and packed full of interesting things to see and do. I'm trying to get use to the cold but really the weather is just part of the experience. I came here with my wife and she’s also very happy here.

Getting around is easy because public services are excellent. I don’t even need a car here - I use the bus every day and I’m happy with that.

Staying in touch with my family and friends is also easy to do. In fact, some of our Italian friends have already been over to see us - and we have a list of others who also want to visit!

We want to stay here. We feel very good in Scotland and we don’t want to move. I think this is a permanent change for us.

I thought it could have been difficult to create relationships with people in another language in another country, but the people here are really friendly and have been very helpful to us.