Yeswanth Gadde, Indian National, Living and Working in Scotland

Namaste. I’m Yeswanth. I moved from India to Scotland to work at LifeScan. Software engineers are important to the life sciences sector here. Besides developing an exciting career, I’m discovering new things like snow and hillwalking.

Yeswanth Gadde

Yeswanth came to the UK from India to pursue his studies. He moved to Scotland to develop his career as an embedded software engineering. He now works at LifeScan and has swapped his love of hot chillis for snow covered splendor in the Highlands.

Why work in Scotland?

Before moving to Scotland I worked in East Anglia, where I was involved in product development and process improvement. I enjoyed the work but there was limited scope for career development. I wanted to work on safety critical products and LifeScan’s larger teams offered exactly that. The beautiful location was a bonus so I decided to apply.

Working at Lifescan

Working for LifeScan has been good for developing my career. I’m working on products that have a high impact on people’s health because the company leads the international market for glucose meters. I have a real sense of purpose and satisfaction.

I’m responsible for software development activities and ensuring the science behind our products is implemented correctly. I enjoy solving problems and I feel like I’m continually learning. It’s really exciting and the importance of software engineering in the life sciences sector is growing all the time.

The complexity of my role and its long-term quest for answers is immensely satisfying.

Living in Scotland

I had never been in the Highlands before and was impressed during my first visit. Everything was covered in snow - it was very pretty. Inverness is a great place to live and work.

I may have lost my taste for the hot chilli dishes I used to enjoy back home but I’ve discovered a love of cycling and snow.

I’ve also become a keen hillwalker and spent a few days in Aviemore, the snow centre of Scotland. I’m trading in my single speed bike for one that can tackle the hills and mountains around Inverness.