Checking your qualifications

You’re a talented professional with the academic credentials to back up your skills. If you’ve studied outside the UK, check with Ecctis to ensure your qualifications can be relied upon for your visa application.

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The UK National Information Centre for global qualifications and skills (UK ENIC) (formerly the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC)), is all now operated by Ecctis, you can compare your international qualifications with UK academic qualifications for the purposes of your visa application. 
You may wish to rely on an overseas qualification to evidence your knowledge of English, where this is required for your visa application. To do this you may need to apply to Ecctis in order to: 

  • have your overseas degree confirmed as being as an equivalent to UK bachelors, masters or PhD; or 
  • have your overseas degree confirmed as having been taught at an appropriate level of English (if it is taught in a non-English speaking country). 

Where Ecctis are happy that the qualification in question meets the above requirements, they will provide a verification letter which can be submitted as part of your visa application. 
Ecctis are also able to verify an international PhD for those who are intending to use their PhD to qualify for tradeable points under the Skilled Worker Route. For more detail on the Skilled Worker Route, please see here

How to apply 

You can apply online and send the supporting documents to Ecctis in the UK. You will also need to pay a processing fee. Information about Ecctis's services, fees and processing times is provided on their website here