Advertising jobs in Scotland for applications before 31 December 2020

In order to ensure you can recruit an overseas (migrant) worker in a specific role, all the jobs you advertise must be done according to the relevant Code of Practice. You must retain proof of your job advertisement on your files.


Your job advertisement must always include:

  • The job title
  • Main duties and responsibilities of the job or job description
  • Location of the job
  • Indication of the salary package, salary range or terms on offer
  • Skills, qualifications and experience required
  • The closing date for applications unless it is part of your organisation's rolling recruitment programme

How to advertise your job

Most advertisements for roles requiring sponsorship under Tier 2 (General) must be advertised to overseas migrants through the Find a Job service.

Your advertisement must also be promoted using one other method permitted by the relevant Code of Practice. This meets the Home Office's Guidance for Sponsors (Tier 2 and 5 of the Points-based System).

Second method of advertising

In addition to the Job Centre Plus advertising, the second method of advertising can include a number of methods. This includes:

National newspapers or professional journals:

  • In Scotland, the Scotsman and the Herald newspapers are acceptable national newspapers for advertising your vacancies in Scotland and the bordering English counties.
  • A professional journal is a recognised publication for a particular field and available nationally at least once per month. The journal or trade magazine must also relate to the field that the role is being recruited for.

Recruitment agencies or head-hunters:

  • An agency or head-hunter may recruit for your post but the recruitment must meet the requirements of the Resident Labour Market Test as set out in the guidance, including mandatory advertising where required.
  • Where an agency or head-hunter is used, as the employer you remain fully responsible for the Resident Labour Market Test. Therefore, from the beginning you should make this very clear to the recruitment agency. If using a recruitment agency, you should still obtain and keep copies of proof on file showing that the Resident Labour Market Test has been carried out.


As long as your organisation has over 250 permanent employees in the UK, the post can also be advertised on your organisation’s own website.