Employing all other nationalities

Nationals of every other country in the world require a visa if they wish to work in the United Kingdom.


Overseas (migrant) workers must apply for their visa or permit before they travel to Scotland and the UK. If they do not have the required entry clearance documents, they can be refused entry to the UK and sent back home.

They can apply online depending where they are located. Normally they apply for their visa or permit to allow them to enter and work in the UK at a British Visa Application Centre – these are often at British Embassies, Consulates or High Commissions located around the world.

Applications made in some countries are frequently dealt with within a matter of weeks; in other countries they can take a couple of months.

It is important to allow adequate time for an employee's application to be processed as they will not be able to enter the country until this is complete.

Employers should also ensure that they carry our the relevant Right to Work Checks in line with the guidance for those employees with visa permission to work in the UK. Details can be found here or in the Home Office Right to Work Guidance.

Ukrainian Sponsorship Scheme

Guidance for employers on completing right to work checks for Ukrainian nationals in the UK under the Ukrainian Sponsorship Scheme has been published and is available here.