Graduate Route

The Graduate Route be available from summer 2021 to provide international students with the ability to stay in Scotland after completion of their studies to work or look for work.


International students who complete their studies in the UK in summer 2021, may be able to apply to switch from their Student visa into the Graduate Route. This provides a 2-year visa (or 3 years if the applicant is a PhD student) to remain in Scotland and undertake work at any skill level.

The individual can also search for work under this route. It will be an unsponsored route but will not be extendable and graduates will then need to switch into another visa category to remain in Scotland at the end of the 2-year validity (or 3 years, if applicable). This provides both students and employers a flexible option that doesn’t require sponsorship for an initial period.

The Graduate Route will be points-based and those who apply will have to acquire points for successfully completing a degree at a UK Higher Education Provider and who have a track record of compliance. The Graduate Route will not have a maintenance/financial requirement and knowledge of English will not need to be proven (given that applicants must have successfully completed a degree at a UK university).