Sole representative of your overseas business

Is your business is based outside Scotland? Send an employee to establish your company in Scotland, using a ‘sole representative’ visa.


When a business is based outside of Scotland, you may be able to send a non-British non-Irish employee over on a long-term basis to set up the business and establish a commercial presence for the company in Scotland under the sole representative of an overseas business’ visa.

The sole representative should usually be a senior member of staff who is going to set up a registered branch or a wholly owned subsidiary of the company in Scotland. They usually should not be a majority shareholder in the company and must have been recruited and employed by the company outside of the UK.

If the company already has a branch or subsidiary in Scotland or the rest of the UK that is already trading – or you already have a representative in Scotland or another part of the UK, this visa will not be appropriate and you may wish to consider other types of visa.

Full details on this visa can be found here.