Moving, shipping and storage

Dependable movers make relocating easier. They ensure everything from that comfy chair to cherished pictures meet you safe and sound in your new life in Scotland.


Packing up and shipping all your belongings is a big daunting job. But a reliable removal company can pack and transport all your prized possessions safely to your new home in Scotland.

You can find information about removal companies online. When choosing a company you should ensure they are members of:

  • International Federation of Furniture Removers
  • Overseas Moving Network International 
  • The British Association of Removers

Cost of moving

You’ll need to provide specific information about the amount and value of what you want to ship so the removal company can provide an accurate quote. Always read the details of your contract to see what’s included and ensure the company has sufficient insurance should anything go missing or be damaged during shipping.

Storing your things

If your new house or flat is too small for your old life and all its possessions, you can store some of your things. In Scotland, you can rent secure storage space, normally on a monthly basis.