New business support centre creates over 385 new jobs in Glasgow

Geniac, a business services centre that offers accounting, legal, HR and insurance services to SMEs, is to take on over 385 skilled workers over the next three years.



Founded by entrepreneurs and business consultants Eduardo Martinez and Michael Galvin, Geniac was created to plug the gap in the market for companies providing professional services to support growing businesses. 

Supported by £1.1 million of funding through the Regional Selective Assistance scheme, Martinez claims they chose Glasgow as their first base because of the “wealth of talent, support and academic acumen that exists in Scotland”. He cited the country’s “firmly cemented networks and expertise” and praised the efforts of the Scottish Government to make Scotland the best place in the UK to do business. 

It’s a huge success for Scotland’s financial services sector. Currently, our financial industry employs almost 91,000 people and generates around £9 billion for the Scottish economy. One of Europe’s top financial hubs, companies such as J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and HSBC call us home. 

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