Minecraft developer to double in size

4J Studios is looking to grow its staff at premises in Dundee and East Linton.

4J Studios


4J Studios is gearing up for Minecraft launches on platforms including Playstation 4, Xbox One and the portable Playstation Vita.

As a result, it has taken on larger premises in Dundee and East Linton, and the company is looking to hire new talent.

Founder Chris van der Kuyl said it's likely that the business will initially increase its headcount from around 20 to 40, although he insisted there was not a set upper limit.

He said: "4J has taken an approach from day one that we only want the best people, both in terms of their ability to programme or do animation or art, but also in terms of the best people that fit with us in the right way.

"We have been pretty sensible, but over the next period of months we are really going to put a bit of a campaign together to get some talent which wants to work with us on what is I would say is likely to surpass Tetris as the most successful game of all time."

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