Certain care sector jobs to be temporarily added to the shortage occupation list

The UK government has announced that it will temporarily update the shortage occupation list for a minimum of 12 months to include care workers, care assistants and home care workers. The change is expected early in 2022 and will make those jobs eligible for the Health and Care Visa scheme.



The relevant job titles expected to be added to the list are those under SOC code 6145 which according to the ONS includes:

  • Care Assistant
  • Care Worker
  • Carer
  • Home Care Assistant
  • Home Carer; and
  • Support Worker (Nursing Home).

By being included on the shortage occupation list, these roles will be eligible for sponsorship under the skilled worker route subject to meeting the other relevant eligibility criteria including the lower minimum annual salary of £20,480.

For further details of the announcement, see here.

05 January 2022