BDD Pharma Ltd

BDD Pharma Ltd is a specialist Pharmaceutical Development Organisation specialising in drug delivery. BDD undertakes early phase clinical studies on novel drug delivery systems in healthy volunteers and patient groups and develops new drug delivery technologies for licencing to pharmaceutical partners.

Bio Images Drug Discovery Ltd

As world leaders in the use of gamma scintigraphy for imaging drug delivery systems, BDD Pharma offers a valuable clinical research service to the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Gamma scintigraphy allows non-invasive assessment of the behaviour of oral, nasal, pulmonary and ophthalmic formulations in man. The team at BDD Pharma have been imaging drug delivery systems since 2000 and offer complete scintigraphic clinical trial services at their hospital base:

  • Quantifiable scintigraphic data on formulation behaviour in man
  • Validation of radiolabelling methods for clients’ products
  • GMP manufacture, QP release and IMP dispensing
  • Clinical trial ethical and regulatory approval procedures
  • Patient/volunteer recruitment
  • Complete trial design and management

The BDD Pharma formulation arm provides a customised formulation service, which combined with early phase clinical imaging presents an invaluable integrated approach to pharmaceutical development, allowing informed decision making at critical stages of the product development pipeline.


BDD Pharma Ltd
Bio-Imaging Centre, Basement Medical Block
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