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BRL performs "laser Induced Damage Threshold" (LIDT) testing on optical coatings. This is a quality control step in the manufacture of high power lasers. Laser damage testing is a complex technical procedure and is perform by very few test houses, we are the only commercial facility based in the UK.

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BRL’s Laser damage facility was set up and validated in 2012. Our function is to provide the required QA in high performance coating technologies for the laser industry. Our competitors are USA based companies.

Our new venture is entering a high growth period where we aim to expand our capabilities to handle most laser damage requirements within the UK and European sectors. To this aim we are increasing our test wavelength range into the MID-IR region.

Ever increasing laser power and performance encounters a frontier of technical material capability.  Our mission is to provide high quality, accurate analytical results for material capabilities in a timely manner to support the UK laser industry. This industry is also in a growth phase and is a major national exporter.

Our in-house experience is extensive and diverse in the fields of laser physics as well as photonic and electronic material science. Please visit our website at for further information.


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