Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network

Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network - Serving the Agriculture, Food and Industrial Bioscience Sectors.

Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network

A Government funded organisation, the Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) works to promote knowledge transfer and innovation in business in all aspects of the biosciences such as industrial bioscience, animal breeding and animal health, plant breeding and crop protection, and food technology and manufacture.

The overall objective of the KTN is to accelerate the rate of bioscience technology exchange into and within UK business through a variety of indentified roles. This will allow focus on the following priority themes:

  • Food for Health
  • Innovation in Animal & Plant Production and Performance
  • Renewable & Sustainable Bioproducts
  • Sustainable Food Supply and Security

Our main office is based at the Roslin Biocentre, just outside of Edinburgh.


Biosciences KTN
The Roslin Institute
EH25 9RG