C Tecnics Ltd

C-Tecnics are a UK based manufacturer of high quality subsea electronics and diving equipment for the Offshore & Oil Industry, Inshore Diving, Military and Scientific & Archaeological industries.

C Tecnics Ltd

We have many years experience in design and supply of electronic equipment for marine environments and this is reflected in the way our products are designed. We aim to provide a high quality, robust product with innovative features but we also strive to make these products easy to set up and operate. Our product range utilises the latest technologies to provide the user with a cost effective and durable solution. 

C-Tecnics has long established relationships with customers from a range of disciplines, who rely on our range of Subsea Technology products.

C-Tecnics are a commercial diving equipment manufacturer who specialise in diver video and communications. Based in Aberdeen, the subsea capital of Europe, C-Tecnics are at the forefront of the industry offering innovative and superbly engineered products for all your diving needs.

Our portable diver video and communications systems are integrated with real time viewing and recording of high quality camera images and are built into a ruggedized case, ideal for all portable diving applications.

The C-Phone, a 2 or 3 diver portable communication unit, is one of our most popular products. Worldwide diving contractors and even the military choose the C-Phone as it is proven to withstand the harshest of environments associated with various diving operations.

We also manufacture and supply a large range of other quality diving equipment including diver recovery harnessesunderwater cameras and lampsBIBS and hyperbaric lighting systems to help improve efficiency and safety in underwater operations.

The C-Tecnics brand is widely recognised throughout the world and we have a number of distributors across several continents to bring our equipment closer to you.


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