Craft Prospect Ltd

Craft Prospect is a space engineering practice.  We deliver mission enabling products and develop novel mission applications.

Craft Prospect Ltd

We aim to be a partner of choice on small space missions and services to add value to the overall service offering.  We architect and deliver smarter satellites making full use of the limited resources available, targeting our products and services at the global small satellite market.

Craft Prospect Ltd. was founded in 2017 by NewSpace industry professionals, with a total of near 30 years experience leading and developing small satellite systems in Europe and Asia. We formed to exploit emerging opportunities within the NewSpace marketplace. As more organisations emerge able to supply CubeSat, nanosatellite and small satellite buses, the marketplace for mission developers has facilitated a new wave of potential.

These stakeholders and customers wish their payloads and missions to remain agnostic in order to maximise flights and routes to market, frequently focussed on the data rather than the vehicle: space or otherwise. Craft Prospect can act as a partner to collaborate on mission-level architecture and interface solutions together with value adding products and services to support and bridge the gap, working with innovative mission leads and principal investigators to realise niche concepts.

Our team includes PRINCE2 accredited project managers, with applied experience mixing the methodology with agile techniques to deliver responsive yet controlled space systems, and former leads on other nanosatellite and small satellite projects.

We are based in Glasgow, which represents a dynamic hub of NewSpace industry within the UK. Not only innovative technically, the company wishes to pursue a stronger partnership approach amongst its team more analogous to architecture and law firms, recognising the highly technical skills and dedication of all members within the organisation and amongst suppliers necessary to deliver strong missions.


First Floor Tontine Building
20 Trongate
G1 5ES