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Current Health is a full-service remote healthcare platform to monitor, manage and engage patients at home.

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Our population is growing older. We face more chronic diseases and our health systems are overstretched. There is no doubt that society will have to deliver healthcare in different ways in the future.

Current Health is building a future where healthcare is delivered to a patient before they even become sick. We’ll help physicians and nurses target their expertise to those who need it most. Imagine medications arriving by mail, appointments with physicians made automatically.

Our mission is to help healthcare professionals keep people healthy and alive. To create a world where no one dies from preventable death and where healthcare is proactive, not reactive.

Do you want to solve problems that change lives?

We believe we can create a world where no-one dies a preventable death or suffers a preventable illness. We're building technology and services to identify disease onset and bring treatment straight to the patient. When you join our team, you embark on solving some of the toughest problems our society faces, building a product that directly saves lives.

If you want to solve really hard problems, if you want to work in an intense, fast-paced environment where you get to touch and change real-lives on a daily basis, if you are driven to do things better, then we want to know you.