ePOINT Embedded Computing (e2c for short) specialise in developing application ready embedded computing platforms for unattended machines, such as kiosks, casino gaming systems and retail solutions. Our core expertise lies in embedded computing, spanning X86, ARM and 32bit MCU's and combining advanced hardware platforms, with powerful software/middleware, to dramatically simplyfy machine architecture.

e2c Our technology targets the rapidly growing Industrial IoT market, allowing modern browser based application frameworks to access all forms of physical hardware, such as payment peripherals, human interface, legacy interfaces etc. This allows our customers to dramatically reduce cost and time to market, as well as providing full IoT management services.

e2c provide embedded computing solutions for interactive/unattended machines, which dramatically simplify real-money application integration. Our technology handles pay-in and pay-out for both cash and cashless transactions.

Our cross platform technology is built on our powerful iSocket middleware solution, combined with in-house designed embedded computing platforms – with real-world connectivity.

You can find our solutions in casino gaming machines, payment kiosks, retail self-check-out systems, smart vending machines and many more machines to come.

e2c are based in Rosyth, Fife, with production offices in Taipei, Taiwan and European sales office in Barcelona, Spain. We are dynamic company looking to harness our innovative technology to expand rapidly across several geographic and vertical technology markets.


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