Edinburgh Biosciences

Edinburgh Biosciences Ltd. (EBS) is a start-up company applying the latest developments in opto-electronics science and technology to solve bioscientific problems.

Edinburgh Biosciences

Supporting the investment of the founder, Prof. S.D. Smith, we have won several awards and funding proposals which provide assurance of business operations for several years.

EBS intends to exploit new developments such as super-continuum lasers, new generation LEDs and linear variable interference filters to design and produce a new generation of spectrometers. These new components offer the potential to develop low cost  but sensitive instruments which can be used in a wide range of situations and applications.

Plans are underway to develop a series of portable, equality assurance (QA) style instruments complemented by a series of more advanced research grade instruments. Hence we can appeal to users who require screening techniques as well as scientists undertaking more advanced analytical determinations.

We will continue to partner with academia to enure the continuing development of new science and technologies into our products. We will also partner with proven manufacturing organisations as we move to full-scale production. The blend of owned technical advances and partnerships is key to our business model.

At the heart of our business are people: our scientists, engineers, partners and, above all else, our customers.


4 Bain Square
Kirkton Campus
EH54 7DQ