Encompass Corporation

Encompass offer SaaS Products to corporate, property and person search for lawyers, accountants and lenders. Delivering Visual products that enable professionals to make better, faster commercial decisions. #FinTech.


At Encompass Corporation we are leading the shift to visual information management among professionals who rely on commercial data.

Encompass was founded in 2011 in Sydney by Wayne Johnson and Roger Carson – seasoned technology professionals who independently have founded international software businesses, raised capital and engineered successful exits.

Roger believes “it’s not about the data, it’s about what you do with data”. He’s right. Wayne advises: “think strategic, act tactical – and make your own coffee”. And that’s how we operate . At the head of our marketing team Alex Ford maintains clear lines of communication with our customers and partners. Graeme Buchanan directs the work of the technical experts who build our product. Mark Nuttall, previously a director of Experian and Equifax, is our UK Sales Leader. Our CFO Justin Templer makes sure we are keeping count of the beans, while Claire Fremder makes sure customer needs are kept front and centre, leading our customer care team.

Driven by the belief that the best decisions are made when people understand the full picture, our team created a visual way to search, review and manage commercial data, sourced from public registries, credit bureaus, property/asset valuation sites and a growing range of trusted data streams.

Today we have offices in Glasgow, London and Sydney and a rapidly expanding international team. By listening to professionals we discovered that they wanted a new way of working with commercial data – an approach radically more efficient and effective than their traditional methods. By harnessing the best of modern technology with deep understanding of user-experience design, by automating testing and by adopting agile development we deliver a robust, scalable solution.

It’s exciting, it’s disruptive, and it’s changing how commercial information is bought and sold.