Equalizer International Ltd

Equalizer International is the worlds' leading supplier of tools for flange alignment, spreading, closing and precision lifting.

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Equalizer International is an Aberdeen-based, specialist engineering company with a 20 year history of bringing new and innovative products to the market. It is focused on researching, designing and developing tools for flange alignment, separation and closing and precision lifting. These tools are renowned as leading edge solutions within the oil and gas, petrochemicals, nuclear, mining and water sectors and some of the world’s largest energy companies use the tools for commissioning, testing, constructing and maintaining their flange networks. Its toolset is almost unique in offering companies a safe, secure, simple and highly cost effective means to handle flange manipulation issues.

The company has invested heavily in R&D and as a result, has secured patents on a number of its products. This together with the commercial foresight of the company management team has resulted in them receiving a number of industry awards and has ensured the ongoing success and development of the company.

Given the nature of the markets in which it operates, Equalizer has concentrated on building an international sales channel and it has representation spanning the globe from Perth in Western Australia, up through Asia, across the Middle East, Africa and Europe and throughout the Americas. 


Equalizer House, Claymore Drive
Aberdeen Science & Energy Park
AB23 8GD