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Eulysis Ltd. is a device development company that has successfully developed and patented several innovative devices which will help companies in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, diagnostic and cosmetic industries drastically cut costs and create simpler products for the end user.

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One of the devices allows for the creation of a single vial rather than two vials which are currently needed in order to create many solutions presently in any of these fields: pharmaceutical, diagnostic, nutritional.

It is based on a previously patented concept comprised of a vial with a single hollow cap which was used in the development of cosmetics for acne treatment and wrinkles. These products were successfully created and distributed in Croatia through beauty institutes and their success motivates the owners in the fact that they have the knowledge and talent to conceive an idea and transform it into a profitable product. Finally, the newest device integrates the functionalities of a mobile phone and a medical device in one portable (MoPMeD) device.

Eulysis Ltd is a company focused on improving the storage and delivery of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry. Eulysis Ltd has developed several innovative devices with a variety of applications in this industry. Licensing has been chosen as the route to market due to the mature and established nature of this industry that is dominated by several major players: making it virtually impossible to enter and succeed as anything but a partner initially.

The initial product offering consists of Eulysis’ innovative Single Vial System (SVS) designed to address several critical risks and inefficiencies in the reconstitution and administration of pharmaceutical products. The SVS allows the integration of a lyophilized active ingredient(s) and its diluent for reconstitution to exist within the same container.

Currently, pharmaceuticals such as vaccines, antibiotics, antidotes that comprise a lyophilized phase and a diluent for reconstitution are manufactured, stored and delivered in two containers. This leads to a number of inefficiencies and potential risks including but not limited to contamination risks, excessive raw material usage in production, and inefficient usage of transportation and storage means as two vials have to be transported and stored for each final product as opposed to one.


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