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FibromEd was incorporated in 2011 and combines the assets and know how from the University of Edinburgh in generating high fidelity human hepatocytes for research from a diversified iPS biobank.

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At FibromEd we have combined our expertise in biology, chemistry with a business model that delivers highly efficient and predictive human liver models. We envisage our solutions will innovate technology, helping partners across the discovery- development continuum to select better drug molecules, improve participant selection for clinical trials, and ultimately, improve patient drug treatment selection and recovery. Our approach is highly novel and robust and is likely to have significant short term impact and representing a highly attractive investment opportunity.

The FibromEd approach uses human pluripotent stem cells as our model system. We believe that the opportunities offered by pluripotent stem cells have an important role to play in society’s health and wealth. The near term gains from this technology are likely to be improved human in vitro models, with extra-corporeal device construction and cell based transplantation to follow in the future.

FibromEd is playing a central role in the tools development space, with an initial focus, but not limited to, the generation of predictive and reliable human liver models.

The FibromEd approach is supported by a number of high profile collaborations which evidence our leading position in the field. These collaborations have allowed us to build human bio-banks suitable for cellular reprogramming to pluripotent stem cells, define our stem cell systems for large scale manufacture and improve model physiology using novel matrices and tissue microenvironments.


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