Flexiant Ltd

Flexiant is a software and services company, one of only three independent public cloud providers in Europe and five worldwide. We provide cloud infrastructure software and services for hosting providers, data centre owners and telecoms providers.

Flexiant Ltd

Flexiant is a software company specialising in Infrastructure-as-a-Service software for deployment of large scale public and private cloud solutions.

Flexiant was formed in December 2009, at which date it acquired the spun-out cloud business of the web hosting provider XCalibre Communications Ltd, including all IPR and all staff; the web hosting business was sold to another web hosting firm.

The company is now privately owned by its management and approximately 30 angel investors. Under the auspices of XCalibre, we launched Europe’s first, and the world’s second public cloud (FlexiScale) in the summer of 2007. Flexiant then refocused its business on licensing the software it had developed (Extility), as opposed to providing the service itself.

Flexiant’s sole activity is cloud computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service provision. Given our history, we have developed substantial domain experience in the cloud computing field. The Flexiant management team has extensive experience from the information technology industry, and specifically the hosting and cloud computing industry.


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