Giltech Ltd

Giltech is a Scottish based technology company providing a range of versatile, biodegradable, controlled delivery technologies which have broad application across the medical sector.

Giltech Ltd

Giltech technologies have been used to produce pioneering woundcare products including Sorbsan® and Arglaes® and its current activities focus on three core technology platforms alginates, water soluble glasses and biodegradable polymers and composites.

Giltech’s lead technology is Corglaes®, a water soluble glass which can be formulated and manufactured to provide an almost infinite range of solubility rates and controlled delivery profiles.

Corglaes® is a sodium, calcium, phosphate glass that dissolves completely and harmlessly in any aqueous environment making it an ideal ingredient for use as a biodegradable and biocompatible implant material. Corglaes® can also be formulated to incorporate a range of powerful active ingredients such as antimicrobial metal ions, trace elements and nutrients, providing a safe and effective way to enhance product performance.

Giltech is actively seeking collaboration opportunities with companies which have a requirement for biodegradable and controlled delivery materials to support their future product development.

To enable customers to successfully integrate Corglaes® or one of Giltech’s other platform technologies into their products and manufacturing processes, Giltech offers a comprehensive range of Product Realisation Services tailored to deliver precise solutions to meet the exact requirements of our client applications. Some examples of potential applications are summarised below.


  • Bone substitute
  • Resorbable bone plates
  • Ligament and nerve repair
  • Tissue engineering

Cardiovascular / Cardiology

  • Biodegradable stents
  • Vessel closure / repair post – interventional surgery
  • Coatings for graft / pacemaker leads etc
  • Tissue engineering substrates
  • Stem cell support scaffolds
  • Active agents to counter Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) in hospitals, care homes and other healthcare facilities in products such as hand soap, hand cream, body shampoo, body lotion, topical powder, ointments etc.
  • MRSA decolonisation, nasal cream and body / hair shampoo
  • Face masks, drapes and gowns


Giltech Limited
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