Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada is an independent studio based in the UK. Led by 3 developers in code, art, and design, it develops using Unity for swift development and cross-platform deployment, prioritising responsive interactions, vivid visuals, and tight gameplay loops.

Hidden Armada

Currently working on "Mutiny!" - A chaotic multiplayer pirate brawler full of treasure and treachery, where players battle it out to become Captain of the ship and gather more gold than their opponents.

Hidden Armada are also developing a companion app "Mutiny Mobile!" with connective technology allowing up to 16 players on one machine, a number of second screen features within Mutiny, and a standalone experience.

With a strongly iterative approach to development, Hidden Armada defines core gameplay very early on, keeping the pipeline short, and allowing disciplines to collaborating effectively. This cohesion allows the team to excel when delivering B2B solutions or development support, specialising in rapid prototyping.