Ingenza Ltd

Ingenza: The Industrial Biotechnology Company with a broad customer base across the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, feed and fuel industries.

Ingenza Ltd

Ingenza apply synthetic biology to the manufacture of industrial products including enhanced biofuels, sustainable manufacturing of chemicals and the production of protein therapeutics. Our scientific and commercial activities are led by a management team with over 25 years’ experience in applied bioscience and the development and commercialization of biobased products.

In addition to engaging in strategic partnerships to tailor our bioprocess services for clients, we also license our proprietary bioprocess technologies.

Ingenza helps customers attain their goals faster by being outstandingly flexible and adaptable across the disciplines of molecular biology, fermentation and process development. Work with us to develop ideas and take advantage of our enabling technologies that can unlock opportunities and transform them into proprietary and sustainable manufacturing routes.


Wallace Building
Roslin BioCentre
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