Insight Software

Our mission is to provide industry-leading services that enable organisations to gain control of their information and explore new avenues for its use. To build applications that are secure, intuitive, flexible, closely tailored to the users’ bespoke needs, using modern software application technologies and processes.

Insight Software

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland we’re a lean team of physicists and computer scientists determined to prove that bespoke software development needn’t cost the earth, nor be constrained by the limitations of traditional enterprise software paradigms. We are passionate about building great software and aligning it closely with business processes rather than the other way around.

Founded in 2015, we grew organically around a data consulting project that grew into a software application for a large public sector organisation. Pulling together a myriad of disparate unconnected data sets from multiple sources into a single coherent application, we enabled them to produce advanced asset data based cost and benefit estimations and calculations for optioneering and detailed business case production. The application moved from prototype to production quickly and is now being used by multiple areas of the organisation. Our team has grown as a result of this success allowing us to support this organisation and many more.


The Capital Building
12-13 St Andrew Square