KeelWorks Ltd

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, KeelWorks creates high quality, unique and fun entertainment experiences, with specific focus on Video Games, high-end 3D animation, Visual Effects for films and Music composition.

KeelWorks Ltd

KeelWorks is founded by three team members who came together because of their love of storytelling and video games. Each has over 13 years of experience in their respective fields, which includes VFX work on Hollywood and commercial productions, animation work at studios such as Pixar, art direction on award winning feature films and project/funding management at a governmental level in Scotland and abroad. KeelWorks also has an in house award winning Music composer whose works include composing and leading live orchestras in Hollywood’s Eastwest Studios.

The team’s goal has always been to create strong narrative based video game titles. The recent and sudden availability of high-end affordable game development tools encouraged the team to take the initiative forward in order to realise their goal. The team is currently working on two unannounced projects for console and PC.


Summit House
4-5 Mitchell Street