Metix Limited

Metix Ltd. designed COREMED® X, a compact robust A&E vital signs monitor for outdoor use capable of measuring 15 parameters, multiple trend analysis, calculation of parameters typically done by hand, capable of real-time remote patient monitoring and EMS-A&E communication.

Talent Scotland

Metix Ltd. is a medical technology company focused on providing clinicians with high-tech devices to improve patients’ quality of life. Metix aims to change the technological deficiencies in the healthcare sector by introducing innovative and user-friendly medical devices.

Our first product in a family of medical grade multi-parameter vital signs monitors is COREMED® Aid, with this product we aim to change where emergency medicine begins. COREMED® Aid is a robust outdoor Emergency Room vital signs monitor that measures over 15 composite parameters (including Pulse, Pulse trends, Respiration rate, ECG, NiBP in arm, SPO2, CO2 and Temperature among others). Weighing just over 500g it stands as the first handheld and wearable emergency room vital signs monitor. On top of this unique hardware, our software innovation allows for remote monitoring. This means A&E doctors in hospitals could assess patients remotely and communicate with paramedics while en route to prevent deaths. Finally, its user-friendly storage, printing and integration functions saves clinicians from paperwork and provides never-before-seen information for research.


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