Midland Valley

Midland Valley is a world leader in the field of structural geology and the development
of software modelling tools using structural validation, restoration and forward modelling
to provide best practice workflows and reduce structural uncertainty.

Midland Valley

Established nearly 30 years ago we live by our founding principle - run by geologists for geologists. This ensures that the company displays a single-minded commitment to the needs of our clients and the end use of our products and services.

Working closely with our team of structural geologists, our software developers have
translated applied structural geology into reliable and effective geological modelling
software - the Move Suite.

Using the Move Suite, robust 2D and 3D geological models can be quickly built from a wide variety of data types, validated, and scenarios tested using geometric and geomechanical restoration and forward modelling functionality.

Our geological experience ranges across all tectonic styles, from soft rock to hard rock systems and at all scales in all continents. Our project portfolios embrace exploration and production for hydrocarbons and minerals through to CO2 sequestration,  radioactive waste and geo-technical engineering.

In all of our work we reduce risk by modeling structural evolution to understand process and geological uncertainty.


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144 West George Street
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