mLED Ltd

mLED Ltd has developed a next generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology – the ultra-high brightness, low power micro-LED array for Wearables.  The base microLED technology represents a significant breakthrough for micro-displays and opens up significant opportunities in a multi $bn market across a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications from smart eyewear, smart watches, augmented/virtual reality devices, scopes, range finders, and rugged computing.

mLED Ltd

Who we are

mLED are a world leader in the design and manufacture of micro-LED solutions for Wearables market. Based in Scotland, with presence in Glasgow and California, mLED is currently active on 3 continents. The company's focus is on delivering innovation through leading edge technology aligned to satisfying immediate customer demand.

What we do

mLED has developed a new generation of LED technology - introducing ultra-high brightness micro-LED's. It uniquely addresses consumer and industrial applications from head mounted displays, scopes, smart eyewear, head-up-displays and rugged computing. This platform capability is set to accelerate adoption in the multi $bn Wearable tech market. mLED's micro-LED technology truly delivers industry leading performance.

Why choose mLED

With brightness levels at least 50 times higher than OLED displays these devices are the best choice to optimize end user experience in demanding environmental conditions. Designed with incredibly small form factors they give next generation wearables, including augmented reality, the edge. MicroLEDs are poised to become the next big thing enabling information on the move. Our devices bring real battery lifetime benefits whilst reducing costs for today's portability applications.