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As the world strives to decarbonise the way we live, travel, and work, there is an urgent need to rapidly increase the generation and use of electricity from renewable power.

Today we can successfully capture energy from the sun, wind and even tides, but we have not yet succeeded commercially in harnessing one of the largest green energy sources on earth – our ocean waves.

It's estimated that worldwide, there is more than two terawatts of wave power around our shores. If we could harness just one percent of that resource, we could power 50 million homes and save more than 50 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

Our approach

At Mocean Energy we have built an expert team combining scientific principles and real-world experience to develop new technologies which can harness the power of waves – and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon world.

Our approach utilises numerical modelling and optimisation, rapid prototyping and tank testing – allied to hard-won ocean experience – to deliver wave energy machines that produce high levels of power for their size and work in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Already we have secured more than £4 million in funding support from the Scottish and UK governments and the EU and are progressing prototype plans for our two core technologies – Blue Star and Blue Horizon.

The Team

At Mocean Energy our knowledge, expertise and desire to learn, adapt, test and improve are central to the company’s ethos and success.

Our clear, logical thinking and pragmatic flexibility extend beyond our smart computational approach and pioneering product development.

We combine real-world experience with an inclusive, common sense business model to ensure the company adapts quickly and evolves to support its mission.

Everyone at Mocean Energy brings energy, enthusiasm and ideas alongside an outward-facing focus and rigorous business, scientific and engineering expertise.

Work with us

Although we do not currently have any vacancies, we are always keen to hear from suitably qualified people who would like to become part of our team.


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