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Modulr moves money efficiently to power business productivity. We’re building the new digital payment service to make money flow more efficiently through businesses and the economy.

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The payment productivity gap

Business transactions power economic growth

Whether customer, supplier or payroll transactions, how money flows between businesses and people drives economic growth.

New online business models, consumer expectation for instant services and tightening regulation place new demands on how businesses transact.

Traditional infrastructure isn’t built for today’s demands

Businesses across alternative lending, payments fintech and payroll services need to be able to take, manage and make payments quickly and easily. But the current payments infrastructure is too complex and inefficient.

Payments are too slow, difficult to track and overly reliant on manual processing. This limits transactions, limits business and limits economic growth.

Modulr is building the new digital payment service

The smarter business payments network

The business payments landscape is complex and inefficient. We’re building the smarter network, working closely with the banks, regulators, payment schemes and finance systems. So businesses can just plug in and start opening accounts.

The new standard in payments integration

We build smart payments technology, so businesses don’t have to. The Modulr API integrates with any platform or system. Making it easy to build payment efficiency into the heart of any business or product.

The new digital payment account for business

Modulr builds solutions to the biggest business payment challenges. With our digital payment account at the core, we’re constantly developing new services – or modules - that free businesses to move money in new and better ways.

The forefront of regulatory change

The payments industry is attracting unprecedented attention from regulators and governments. Regulatory change is creating opportunity for innovation. Modulr works closely with regulation such as EU’s 2nd Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and UK’s Open Banking regulation to leverage that opportunity. So we can transform payment, business and economic productivity.

Be part of the team that's transforming business payments

We’re always keen to hear from great people who are motivated and able to help us combine agile strategy, innovation, domain expertise and discipline to grow the business that's delivering payment alternatives for digital businesses.