Optoscribe Limited

Formed as a spin-out from the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Heriot Watt University, Optoscribe is built on a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise in the application of photonic technologies including 3D waveguide solutions. Optoscribe is located in Livingston, between the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and benefits from excellent transport links to local international airports and major train stations.

Optoscribe Limited

Optoscribe manufactures a range of 3D light waveguides that are compatible with standard Singlemode Fibers (SMF) and are ideally suited for use in optical telecommunications technology.

Using our wafer scale processing capabilities, we are able to induce controllable refractive index modifications in 3D and rapidly fabricate waveguides using standard optical materials.

Our 3D Optofan device is used as a Multicore fiber fanout to address individual cores in a MCF. We provide a range of devices that can easily be interfaced with Multicore Fibers (MCF), Multimode Fibers (MMF) and Few Mode Fibers (FMF) to enable more data to be transferred across networks. They can also be integrated into source/detector arrays or integrated into larger photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and hybrid assemblies.


Unit 1, Rosebank Park
Rosebank Road
EH54 7EJ