REPROCELL supports nearly the entire workflow of stem cell research and pre-clinical drug development. Our unique portfolio includes access to human tissues (BioServe) and predictive drug discovery custom services (Biopta), in addition to stem cell culture media, reprogramming technologies, reagents and iPSC-derived cell types (Stemgent). With our deep knowledge of stem cell biology, bioengineered (3D) tissue models, cell differentiation and pharmacology, REPROCELL is a recognized leader in cutting-edge tools and services to accelerate regenerative medicine and drug development.

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Our Stem Cell Capabilities

The REPROCELL (Stemgent) brand is well known in the global stem cell research community. The brand has become associated with stem cell performance-qualified reagents and innovation after becoming the first company to launch an mRNA reprogramming kit for making iPSCs. Today, the organization is armed with broader capabilities and expertise and has recently developed a third-generation reprogramming technology (StemRNA 3rd Gen RNA Reprogramming) which is now available through iPSC reprogramming services. All of this, combined with complementary REPROCELL know-how from across the globe, uniquely positions the organization with a full-range of iPSC services including iPSC reprogrammingNeuronal differentiationiPSC expansion, characterization, and banking.

Stemgent’s customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as top academic and government research institutions from all around the globe. Reprogramming technology and iPSC usage can also be made available for a variety of commercial applications with licenses available through REPROCELL. We wleocme applications from ambitious individuals from a range of backgrounds, but in particular scientists with a background in commercial contract research, large pharma, pharmacology/physiology or preclinical and safety pharmacology drug discovery.


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