SB Drug Discovery

SB Drug Discovery is a contract research services company offering expertise in compound screening, selectivity profiling and cell-based assay services  against a broad range of drug targets. SB is committed to delivering high quality science and flexible services to its customers and continuously strives to meet the demands  of evolving drug discovery.

SB Drug Discovery

With over 20 years experience servicing a worldwide client base in the areas of molecular and cell biology, protein expression, assay development, screening, and in vivo pharmacology our 3 focused divisions (Protein Expression, Screening Servicies, Cell Line Development) have enhanced the drug discovery programs of many pharmaceutical and biotech companies from around the world. 

In particular we have built up a wealth of expertise with the following drug target groups.


As experts in phosphodiesterases and PDE screening assays, SB Drug Discovery offers over 50 phosphodiesterase isoforms for PDE screening & profiling in both fluorescent and "gold standard" radiometric assay formats as well as a HARBS assay to investigate emetic potential, recombinant cell-based assays and primary cell assays to assess cAMP accumulation. 

SB Drug Discovery also offers PDE consultation services and licence-free access to its PDE focused library for high throughput PDE screening and drug discovery programs, as well as assays for cyclic nucleotide binding targets (EPC/PKA/HCN).

  • Over 50 PDE isoforms available.
  • Human and animal variants available.
  • Gold standard radiometric PDE assay.
  • High throughput PDE screening, selectivity profiling and lead opt.
  • Recombinant cell-based PDE assays.
  • Primary cell cAMP accumulation assay.
  • Ion Channel.

SB Drug Discovery has vast experience in ion channel research and has developed an extensive range of Na, K, Ca, TRP and other ion channel cell lines for off the shelf purchase, including the largest commercial panel of TRP channels. In addition, SB Drug Discovery offers flexible assays designed for a wide range of ion channels targets including high throughput screening and biophysical charterisation using an array of automated and manual patch clamp electrophysiology protocols. 

Our experienced electrophysiologists also offer manual patch clamp electrophysiology services using primary cells including cardiomyocytes and fresh rat DRG 

Further information on our ion channel cell lines can be found at 

Nuclear Receptors 

SB Drug Discovery offer a panel of nuclear receptor radioligand binding assays and cell-based transactivation assyas for screening and profiling. Nuclear receptor radioligand binding assays utilise full-length receptors cloned and expressed in an insect expression system.

  • Glucocorticoid receptor.
  • Progesterone receptors.
  • Estrogen a receptor.
  • Estrogen B receptor.
  • Andorgen receptor.
  • ROR-y-T receptor.
  • Mineralcorticoid receptor.
  • RAR a receptor.
  • RAR b receptor.
  • Rar y receptor

GCPRs, Proteases and other Assay Services

SB Drug Discovery evaluates the effects of small molecule compounds on a variety of GPCRs, proteases, bromodomains and other targets using ligand binding assays, signalling assays and enzymatic assays. 

SB Drug Discovery has experience of a broad range of targets and assays and can quickly validate new assays on request.


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