Smar Azure Limited

Edinburgh based, SMAR Azure provide innovative software solutions to the marine industry, working as technological partners to meet the needs and requirements of the industry.

Smar Azure

Our products are recognised as the best integrated design and optimization solution in designing yachting equipments (sails, rig) available in the market.

Dr Sabrina Malpede and Dr Alessandro Rosiello founded SMAR Azure in February 2001 to utilise the award winning technologies developed by Dr. Malpede during her doctorate. The root of the company goes back to 1997, with the doctoral study of Dr. Malpede. Dr. Donald MacVicar joined the company in the 2004 and since then has been enhancing the technology and developing the company products.

With the addition of further engineers and technologists, SMAR Azure is now a multicultural organisation combining Italian design flair and Scottish engineering expertise. SMAR Azure can communicate with partners and customers in English, Italian, Spanish and French, making working relationships more productive and knowledge transfer easier.


14-18 Hill Street