Standard Life

Standard Life is a savings, investments and pensions company. Our headquarters are in Edinburgh, and we operate across the world with businesses offering various financial products and services. We've been around since 1825, and today we provide life assurance, pensions and investment management to around 6 million customers worldwide.

Standard Life Logo

At Standard Life, we believe everyone should have a future to look forward to. That means looking after our people, our customers and our shareholders.

Everyone who works at Standard Life puts our customers first. Because when customers are at the heart of everything we do, we're truly an organisation that thrives and succeeds, now and in the future. At Standard Life, our culture is one of inclusion. Of working together to reach a common goal - happy customers - and of rewarding hard work and performance with benefits of real value.

We invest in our people, taking a whole view of each individual, their needs and how these can be met. We do this by being flexible, delivering performance, and acting with integrity. We want to be a better place to grow, protect our assets, and ensure each and every one of us does the right thing.


30 Lothian Road