Sustainable Project Partners Limited

Sustainable Project Partners Limited is a company with the rights to technologies for biofuel production and water purification technologies.


SPPs objectives are to exploit and commercialise its proprietary technologies and to develop and evolve new strategies which will have significant effects on the renewable energy system including biomass to biofuel production.

SPP is dedicated to producing Distributed Scale Power and Fuel through integrating Algae Technology and Other Renewable & Biomass Technologies for the rapid achievement of Energy Security to which SPP has rights.

SPPs’ market vision is to be a local provider of:

  • Sustainable Power
  • Sustainable products – The production of bio-products with far higher production to resources ratios than traditional land based crops
  • Sustainable Water – Clean, potentially drinkable, is produced by the process

Company Strategy

SPP Project Manages the Vision, Plan, Design, Building and Operation of Distributed Scale Renewable & Biomass Technology Projects within Sustainability Programs. SPP is focused on:

  • The customer requirements through Smart Project Design
  • Achieving the Customer’s Requirements by the use of known technology and integrating new technologies in non-mission critical roles calculated to improve commerciality and the triple bottom line
  • Improving Commerciality of these distributed scale operations through SPP’s Approach which maximizes Project Success through the use of the Best and Most Appropriate Technology accessed through SPP’s International Network

Starch and Cellulose Biomass conversion to sugars and bioethanol. SPP will undertake Toll fermentation operations, as well as derive revenue from water operations.

SPP uses its own technology, its partners technology and off-the-shelf options or cherry picks budding new technologies to improve the Commerciality of Projects.

SPP has as experience and skills in sustainable Power, Fuel and Water through projects in the field and development of technology.


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