UB Pharma

UB Pharma is an innovative biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutic molecules against ubiquitin E3 ligases implicated in the onset and progression of cancer.

UB Pharma

UB Pharma is a bio-pharmaceutical company which has been established to develop and commercialise novel pharmaceuticals which modulate the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS).
The UPS is the main intracellular signalling system through which proteins are degraded and is fundamental to cellular homeostasis. Drug discovery against UPS targets is a new and emerging field that is attracting significant interest from venture capitalists and pharmaceutical companies looking to fill depleted early stage pipelines with innovative medicines utilising novel mechanisms of action. Deal flow for small innovative biotech companies working in the ubiquitin space has seen a dramatic increase in the last 18months due to the UPS providing a rich source of emerging, but as yet under exploited, drug targets across multiple therapeutic areas.

UB Pharma is a virtual company that has developed a unique platform of drug discovery tools and technologies which have led to the identification of high potency therapeutic molecules through the coordinated management and outsourcing of multiple projects to academic and commercial organisations in Europe and North America.

UB Pharma will benefit from the increasing premium placed on true innovation. Its strategy and activities will meet the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry, physicians and patients for highly innovative, targeted drugs. Initially, UB Pharma will focus on oncology, advancing its portfolio of drug compounds through early development and establishing revenue-generating collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies. Its business model will result in significant value enhancement for its investors.


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