Xi Engineering Consultants

Xi Engineering Consultants is a world class firm with in-depth expertise in the diagnosis and removal of existing and potential vibration issues. We do this by delivering whole-of-life solutions that are based on rigorous scientific measurement and exacting system modelling.

Xi Engineering Consultants

We pride ourselves in delivering economic benefit to our clients and have gained a powerful reputation for our innovative and collaborative approach. Xi have a strong multi-disciplinary team of specialists enabling us to work across a wide variety of sectors such as renewable energy, construction industry, marine and defence. With applied ingenuity we go the extra mile and assist clients from ideas generation through to detailed implementation.

Energy efficient structures, composite and advanced materials and engineering in harsh environments are just a few of the areas in our experience where the issue of vibration poses an increasing problem. As experts in vibration science, Xi are passionate about solving vibration and related noise issues, no matter how big or small.



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