Nautronix is a global leader in through-water communication and positioning technology for the offshore industry. Director of Technology Lindsay MacDonald tells us about the benefits of being based in Aberdeen - one of the world's leading hot spots for oil and gas production.


Nautronix’s technology sits within a number of acoustic positioning and communication products for companies working in the oil and gas sector.

We’re involved in the full life-cycle of applications, from developing and scoping a company’s initial requirements through to the design, manufacturing, rental, installation and long term life of field applications.

Nautronix offers a number of solutions that provides field-wide, multi-user positioning capabilities. And our Emergency BOP (NASeBOP) Digital Acoustic Control System provides wireless control and monitoring on drillships for critical applications such as BOP Control.

We have also developed NASDive the latest generation fully digital diver communications system which sets new standards in both hard wired and through water communication performance in mixed gas diving environments.

We also offer Survey Services to the offshore construction industry using a range of survey and positioning systems including both our own and industry standard 3rd party systems.

What it’s like to work for us

We’re an innovative, technology-driven company so we pride ourselves in offering a diverse and challenging work environment. We work with leading edge technologies in all engineering disciplines, providing the ultimate challenge and job satisfaction for engineers. Our very low turnover of engineering staff is a reflection of this.

There are 130 of us in Aberdeen but this is likely to rise to 149 in the next year. We also have three support staff in Houston, Texas and have an office in Brazil.

We’ve recently commissioned the largest NASDive digital diver communications system for GDA, who were working on an upgrade of the communication system on-board Submarine Rescue Vessel, the MV Belos for the Swedish Navy. This was a significant order for Nautronix and we have recently focused on the development of NASDive and invested £1 million.

Working in Scotland

The technology and expertise in Scotland are particularly good. Our customer base has strong representation in Aberdeen as well as across the globe. The infrastructure for the oil and gas industry is strong and there is also huge growth in the Subsea sector.

We’re working on a number of exciting opportunities and are forecasting significant growth for the years ahead. As a result we are expanding and currently have a number of open job positions across a range of levels and experience.

If you’re a skilled, solid person who enjoys working in an innovative, challenging team environment, we want to hear from you.