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Started by three proud Scots, Nude is the savings app for first-time buyers to save up their deposit and buy a home. Founder and CEO Crawford Taylor describes how Nude is changing the way young people interact with the financial world.

Crawford Taylor Nude Finance Ltd

Nude’s vision is to make it fairer, easier and more transparent for people to achieve their goals in life. However, we can’t do everything at once so for now we’re focused on standing up for first-time home buyers.

We’re helping all those people who want to get on the housing ladder build that all important deposit. We know renting costs on average more than buying, and you often can’t decorate the house the way you want or choose who you live with. If you want a home, Nude can help you get a home!

Nude keeps the exciting parts exciting and automates the stressful and boring (no more boring jargon here), changing the way people interact with the financial world. We offer customers a range of functions, features and accounts via an app to get them into that home sooner. These include:

The home finder
Customers can search any postcode in the UK and choose the type of property they want. Then, we use real-life house prices to show them how much they could need for their deposit.

Time to goal
Customers tell us how much they can set aside each month (and how much they’ve already put away) and then we show them how long it could take to buy their first home. Then it’s our job to help them get this time down.

Team up
‘Team up’ is like two-player mode for your first home. Those buying a home together can build their deposit in separate accounts, but track their joint progress in the ‘Team up’ dashboard. We show them how much each person put aside so far, plus how long it’ll take them to get there.

With ‘Explore’, customers can keep track of their spending across multiple accounts in one place. Plus, get useful insights on their monthly ins & outs, top spending categories and more.

The ‘Ideas’ tab connects to the data in ‘Explore’ to give customers personalised money-saving ideas that could help them buy a home sooner.

Learn is a content bank for first-time buyers that teaches them everything they need to know about all things ‘money’ and ‘buying a home’. It prepares them for each stage of the journey — from building their deposit, to applying for a mortgage and beyond.

What's it like to work for Nude Finance

Everything we do is underpinned by Nude’s core values, which are: we’re transparent, we’re making things fairer, we don’t judge and we give a sh*t. For more information about how we do business, you can read about Nude’s pact and purpose on our website.

In terms of what it’s like to work for Nude day to day, no two days are the same! It’s a fast paced, exciting place to work with lots of opportunities to get involved in all sorts that’ll make the financial system easier, fairer and more transparent.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and even though we’re not all based in the same office or city we celebrate our wins together, and learn how to improve together when things don’t go to plan. We’re building a diverse team that’ll help us be the next big brand, c’mon get in early and you’ll be able to tell your kids and grandkids you were here from the start!

Living and working in Scotland

The majority of our team live and work in Scotland, although they do like to travel and see the world - sometimes even while they work! We have co-working spaces in the major hubs in England and Scotland, and aim to get together at least once a quarter.

Non-Scots enjoy visiting our Glasgow base, and those living north of the border enjoy showing them round! We’re proud of our Scottish roots, but want to help people across the UK and ultimately in different parts of the world achieve their goals in life.

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