Scotland: Your stellar career in space awaits

Are you keen to start or progress your career in space? Then Scotland is the perfect place.


Scotland is a top global destination for access to space and space services – and home to the UK’s fastest-growing space sector.

Scotland’s leadership

From initiating the use of radar to discovering the composition of Saturn’s rings, we’re accustomed to being first.

  • Scotland is developing Europe's first orbital spaceport
  • Scotland builds more satellites than anywhere else in Europe
  • Scotland has ambitious plans to grow a £4 billion space industry by 2030
  • Scotland is home to 18% of all UK space roles – double our share of the UK’s population (9%).

Space talent

Join the 7,500 people already employed in Scotland’s dynamic space sector, who work within a vibrant ecosystem of established businesses and exciting new start-ups.  Career opportunities span the whole sector, including fundamental and applied research, system design and spacecraft manufacture, launch and operation and data processing and service provision.

Complimentary sectors include advanced engineering, manufacturing and aerospace. And our AI and data sectors are also booming, with accelerating demand for satellite data and associated applications. Scotland’s world-class universities have research strengths in everything from propulsion and space radiation, to orbital dynamics and advanced materials and are consistently breaking new ground. So whatever your passion, and however niche your expertise, you’ll find a home for it in Scotland.


Scotland is home to more than 130 companies operating in space. They include:

  • Spire – satellite and data analytics
  • Ecometrica – space tech focused on monitoring climate issues 
  • Orbex – orbital services, including low carbon launch vehicles that use renewable fuel   
  • Skyrora – launch vehicle technology  
  • AAC Clyde Space – advanced nanosatellite spacecraft and mission services 
  • Astrosat – space services and management 
  • Alba Orbital – satellite design and build
  • STAR Dundee – aerospace engineering 
  • Bird.i – satellite imaging

Spaceport pioneers

  • Scotland is to host the UK’s first vertical spaceports, launching rockets and satellites directly upwards into space
  • Two sites in Sutherland and Shetland are being developed by British launch company Orbex and US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin
  • They have been awarded £29 million in funding to develop launch operations from Scotland
  • A third potential vertical launch site is on North Uist, in the Western Isles
  • Scotland also has potential horizontal launch sites at Prestwick in Ayrshire and Machrihanish in Argyll
  • £80 million is being invested to develop Prestwick as an area of excellence for space and aerospace, supporting ambitions to establish a horizontal space launch facility.

Industry development

Industry, innovation centres and university research excellence work together in a highly collaborative environment. Projects include

Quality of Life

Beyond the office, Scotland offers an award-winning quality of life that is rich in culture, history and natural beauty.  You can experience breath-taking scenery just a short journey from our historic and vibrant cities, enjoy a wide variety of cultural, sporting and music events and feast on food and drink from our plentiful natural larder. And all of this will be wrapped up in the warmest and friendliest of Scottish welcomes.

Come to Scotland and find your place in space.

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