Grow it, Build it, Make it in Scotland

Skilled business leader, entrepreneur or business development specialist? Progress your career in Scotland


Are you inspired to bring technology to market and grow a global business? Or how about using your entrepreneurial experience to mentor or join the management team as a non-executive director in a start-up or an early stage technology company?  Yes? Then Scotland is for you. Work in an ever-evolving business environment that allows you to both grow your career and be an instrumental part of a high-growth global company.

Guiding a business through early development, securing finance, expansion and helping them engage with global markets is a very exciting prospect. Scotland is a prime location to start an entrepreneurial high-growth tech company.  In fact, Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city is rivalling London and other top UK centres as a technology start-up hub.

Develop innovative businesses across sectors

Besides Edinburgh, there are ample possibilities to start and develop businesses across various sectors. Energy and engineering, life sciences and digital technologies are some of the prime areas of entrepreneurial development happening throughout Scotland.  

Skyscanner, Insignia Technologies and I2Eye Diagnostics are just some of the many Scottish success stories making up our innovative business community.

In addition to working to help Scotland’s new businesses thrive, you can also develop your career in our pioneering academic institutions.  Impressively, over the last decade Scotland has set up more spin-out companies than anywhere else in the UK.  

Not only are we establishing more but we’re excelling at it too. Our universities are the taking a leading role in converting research into innovative commercial business success in the UK and beyond.  Blackford Analysis, Celtic Renewables and Insignia Technologies are just some of the remarkable spin-out companies transforming ideas into profitable business realities. 

Evolving and innovative career opportunities

In Scotland, working for dynamic early-stage company offers stimulating and unique career opportunities. If you’re an experienced executive, particularly in sales and marketing or raising equity investment finance, your skills are highly in-demand.  If you want to play a key role in determining growth strategies, securing investment and business mentoring, many early-stage companies require experienced executives and non-executive directors in advisory and board roles.

Scotland is one of the most active early-stage investment markets in Europe.  The Scottish Investment Bank provides essential co-investment funding with the private sector, meaning your ambitious plans to grow a business are well supported.  

Work in a rewarding and welcoming place

Use your skills to cultivate a diverse and rewarding business development career in Scotland.  Inspire and assist companies to advance ideas into real business ventures that are vital to Scotland’s economic growth - and influence and impact global markets. 

A welcoming culture, breathtaking scenery and a brilliant lifestyle are all just added perks of working in Scotland.